A Doctor Appointment is Like an American Idol Audition

on 05 3, 2009

Doctor Appointment Like American Idol AuditionAn appointment with a doctor is a lot like an audition for American Idol. Here are some tips and insights that may help you make it to the next round…

  • Like any audition, you have a brief slot of time during your appointment (for which you may have waited weeks, months or years) to persuade a doctor that you are worth taking seriously. You may have been to many auditions before only to find yourself still seeking your big break.
  • For the audition to go well, you must be well-prepared, with all the necessary paperwork such as lab test results from previous doctors, a detailed family history and a list current prescriptions.
  • Communicating clearly, persuading with passion, staying on point and being honest are important for successfully selling your case.
  • Signs, symptoms and positive test results should back up what you say.
  • You must meet contest rules, such as having the right kind of condition for the type of medicine the doctor practices, and proof that if the doctor agrees to treat you ongoing, you can pay him or her.
  • Challenging the doctor inappropriately is likely to turn him or her off, while righteous or appropriate challenges reveal your personal commitment. What constitutes inappropriate behavior is subjective and changes from moment to mood.
  • Referrals from other doctors go a long way to getting instant credibility.
  • Patients who take advice to heart and demonstrate a willingness to do what it takes are more likely to earn support.
  • Being respectful, positive, nice, attractive, well-groomed, physically fit and compliant are all attributes the judges (whoops, doctors) are looking for in a candidate.

Always remember that you’re in a competition for time, resources and support and bring your best game. The results of the audition can mean your life changes forever, or you go back to your limited life before – only with life or death consequences.

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